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Our mission

...is to contribute you to your new Personal Best and target fish!

After Years of success and testing our bait, the "Schmidt Experience Team" has decided to release its secret.

It all started longtime ago, when Frank Schmidt dicovered his love in rolling bait and never stopped until he would have something special, which should be a "magnet" for fish.

So what can you expect by "Schmidt Experience"?

At "Schmidt Experience", the focus is still on real manual work.

Production is managed manually and not fully automated.

We try to produce as fresh as possible and avoid a large amount of storage.

Our ambition is and always has been to develop mixtures for boilies and baits that animate the fish to eat, whereby the digestibility plays a very important role. 

In doing so, we rely on "basic mixtures", which prevailed in 35 years of fishing and which have been specially customized referring to the metabolism of carps.

Only we both have already caught 165 carps over 30kg so far .

We are happy to pass on our experience and will gradually expand our product range in the future.

Our products

Due to our manual production, there are small bait pieces in the boilie bags.

These are giving your fishing place its own "character" and will turn it into something special.

Over the years they have already achieved cult status for us.

Some very special fish, we have landed on these individual forms of bait!

Our Value

  • Respect each other & the nature
  • Enjoy the time on the water
  • Believe in your fishing

"Only where it says Yalla Yalla , Yalla Yalla is included."

- Frank Schmidt -