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About us

For years we have been crossing all of Europe in search of the "monster carp", with countless carp could not resist our "Yalla Yalla" boilies.

Along the way, the catchability of our ingenious mixes left clear traces.

As full-blooded anglers we now try to pass on our knowledge to other anglers.

We only offer products that we would use also by ourselves and try to give our baits an individual "touch".

It is very important that we mix and roll all our mixtures by our own, referring to the motto "Made in Germany".

"This is us"


Nico was born with the passion for fishing. Since childhood, he visited various waters together with his father and quickly developed his love for carp fishing. Starting with waters in Germany, several trips abroad followed over the years and no school holiday went by, without a trip to a lake/river. To date, he has caught 43 carp over 30kg in 4 different countries.


Frank specialised his targeted fishing for big carp already before the "boilie era". In 1985 he discovered boilie fishing for himself and at the same time started to develop boilie mixtures. Frank was one of the first Germans to travel to the "big carp mecca" France for carp fishing. Later on his "home" was everywhere, where you could find big carps. Since 1994 Frank has been involved in product development in the carp tackle sector. In 1998, Frank became a co-founder of the "Anaconda" label and has since been active as a product consultant and representative for the company "Saenger". Currently he has caught 109 carp over 30kg from 5 different countries.


Teamwork is the most important tool in our fishing. In doing so, we everytime try to make progress and never "stand still". In our approach, we act according to the motto "Exclude what doesn't work & what remains, is the key to success".